What Is A Gold Premium Telephone Number?

What Is A Golden Mobile Number? 

A mobile phone number you choose to stand out and get noticed. 

Many people don’t realize that they have the ability to choose their own mobile number. 

If you want a number that’s easy to remember you can switch to a Golden Mobile Number. 

A Gold Mobile Number stands out and is highly memorable. These premium numbers act as a calling card out in the world and make other people take notice. Examples of premium numbers include 345678, 62222 or 131313. 

The more rare and desirable the number is, the more difficult it is to get. These numbers are called “Golden Mobile Numbers”. 

The first four digits of an Australian phone number can’t be customized as they usually are associated with the specific carrier you’re using. Examples include 0404 and 0424 or Vodafone, 0400 and 0488 for Telstra, and 0401 and 0411 for Optus. 

However, if you’re willing to pay a bit extra you can secure a memorable and highly valuable number with the remaining 6 digits. 

A Golden Mobile Number can be an incredible marketing tool for entrepreneurs. It’s a simple way to stand out and keep top of mind whether on a job interview, in a business meeting, or when meeting with investors. A Golden Mobile Number looks great on marketing materials and stands out in radio ads. 

A Golden Mobile Number is also a great personal asset. It’s like having a personalized license plate on your car.  It makes people take notice of you and remember you. It can be an excellent tool when meeting new people like when you’re networking or when meeting a potential romantic partner when out at an event.

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