What’s A Gold Premium Number Worth?

How do you determine how much a Gold Premium Telephone Number is worth? 

Well, you break it down to what that telephone number will give you. 


The best free marketing is having contact information that’s easy for people to remember. 

We all remember that old song “8675309”. Why? Because the song was catchy and memorable. 

Most people aren’t going to write a hit song about their company’s contact number. That means it’s essential to have a phone number that’s easy to remember. 

You can either spend tens of thousands of dollars investing in a marketing jingle. Or you can invest in a phone number that’s easily memorable without the jingle. 

The choice is easy. 


People are impatient these days, especially at networking events. You meet hundreds of people. What makes someone stick out? What makes someone memorable? 

Having a Gold Premium Telephone number makes you instantly memorable. It makes you unforgettable. Who can forget the guy who has the number 818181? 

What’s even more important is that you look instantaneously professional and polished to whomever you’re meeting. 

Always Yours

The beauty of a Gold Premium Telephone number is that it doesn’t expire. Once you make the investment that number is yours to keep as long as you keep your phone service current. It creates an instant and lasting brand that’s yours forever. 

There are only so many Gold Premium phone numbers to go around. That means that once they’re all gone, there are no more. So making sure to get your Gold Premium Phone number now. It’s an investment that keeps on paying for itself and is something that can never be copied.

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