97% of Australian businesses use Mobile Phone Numbers.

More than 300,000 Australian businesses use 1300 Numbers for the incoming calls.

Here’s some answers to questions we are often asked.

What is a 1300 Number?

A 1300 number is an inbound number used as a trusted Australian business phone number. A 1300 number can be answered on a mobile or fixed landline, offering great flexibility over call management by allowing multiple call routing options.

What is a Smart Number?

Smart Numbers are numbers that usually spell a word, for example 1300 PIZZAS, or they feature a repeating sequence of numbers, like 1300 50 10 50.

How much do 1300 numbers cost?

You can buy your 1300 number outright, or pay us a monthly fee. Every 1300 number is unique and slightly differs in price. Once you have chosen your number with us, we will discuss pricing options.

What is a Gold Mobile Number?

97% of Australians own a mobile phone. We are one the largest users of mobile phones per capita in the world. We used to hand out fancy business cards to impress potential clients. Now, we text each other from gold mobile numbers.

What is a VIP / Premium Mobile Number?

Fist impressions last! Having a premium mobile phone number immediately conveys a prominence, prestige, wealth and power that builds an instant social status. Studies have shown phone numbers that are unique and easy to remember will link with peoples visual memory very quickly and can influence the rapport in a positive way. With all things equal it portrays a dominance and authority. Give yourself the edge in business and your personal life. You are much more likely to get that call back from a potential boss, client or partner with a unique and easy to remember gold, VIP, platinum or premium mobile phone number.