A Gold Premium Telephone Number Increases Business

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A Gold Premium Telephone number creates instant trust, comfort, and professionalism. 

When you have a Gold Premium Telephone number you no longer need to “try” to keep top of mind. Your business becomes easily recognizable and memorable. 

No one likes calling a business that has a random number. Customers always feel more trusting and comfortable when they call a number that feels professional. 

A Gold Premium Number gives your business exactly that type of stature. 

Consider the following businesses: 

  • Gregg’s Carpentry: 9876 5432
  • Tom’s Carpentry: 2114 2114

If you had no other information about a company:

  • Which company would choose? 
  • Which would you feel is more professional? 
  • Which company would you be likely to do business with? 
  • Which company would you be more likely to trust? 

Tom’s Carpentry chose to get a Gold Premium Telephone number. It immediately made the business look and feel more professional, trustworthy, and attractive.

A gold premium phone number is the ultimate calling card for your business. 

Gone are the days of carrying around a stack of old paper business cards. 
In today’s fast-paced world one of the best ways to stay memorable and significant is to have a Gold Premium Telephone number.  

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